Photo Page 2

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The second page of art work

"Hot Air Balloon"

"Oliver And Mattie"

"Here's Lookin at You"

"Day Lilly"

"Mr. Cash"

"Feeding Time"



"Shady Spot"

"Egret Reflections"


"Mom's Lilac's"


"Patiently Awaiting"

"Lets Play Ball"

"Alum Creek"


"Black And Blue"


"Brilliant Buntings"

"Bella's Flower"

"Skeeter and Bandit"

"Buckeye Beauty"

"Carolina Wren"

"Coonie" 11x14


"Unnamed Robins"

"Jake and Willow"

"Mackey and Katie"

"Purple Zinia"

"Lighthouse Landing"

"Indigo Blue"

"Lavender Dancer"

"Snowy Owl"